Cate Tyrrell

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2019 - Love Songs Book 3.


Following on from the story of 37 Songs and Parallel Lines, Rondo is the story of Melissa Nelson - enigmatic dominant, whose story was introduced in 37 Songs. When another lover leaves her, Melissa faces her past to identify the source of her need for control in the hope of experiencing a happier future. She discovers that repetition is the revelation.


This story will be the darkest of the Love Songs so far .








2019 - The Elementals Book 1


The first in an exciting new series of Paranormal Romance stories. The Elementals series begins with Queen of Fire - the story of a powerful woman returning home to claim her kingdom. Set against the backdrop of war, truth overcomes all in this tale of passion and justice.


I'm really looking forward to introducing this series to you. I've got plenty of ideas for books that follow the various characters in the world of The Elementals.








Date TBC - Currenty untitled series, Book 1.


Inspired by the short story, Aquarius, from Zodiac. This currently untitled book will be the first in a new series of post-apocolyptic novels. Book 1 will develop the story of the survivors of Station 11 and follow their journey to safety.

untitled1 queen of fire new october 17 rondo new october 2017